Friday, January 30, 2009

Miriam's latest escapades

So it's really late, but Derek just got a new laptop for work (needed one to test code on) and I think I will like having a very portable laptop to surf the web, or post a blog. I can sit on the couch and type pretty easily.

But more importantly, things are going pretty well here. The other day Miriam had been running and bonked her lip into the table. Five minutes later as I was snuggling her, I asked her how her lip felt. "Bonked," she replied. "I need to 'er' it." (that's what it sounded like) Then she said, "Er" with a lilt in her voice and gave me an impish grin. I guess it worked for her. And it made me laugh. She is so cute!! And her stripes have almost worn off. On Sunday, Becca and Rachel were drawing posters in their room and then came down and we were playing Sorry and Quiddler with Uncle Reid. All of a sudden I realized that I didn't know where Miriam was. Well, Becca or Rachel or Laura accidently left their door open and Miriam had found a pen. She had blue marker on her belly (emphasis on the belly button), legs, and even the small of her back. And her dress only had a tiny mark on it, remarkably.

Anyway, she keeps us smiling! :)


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Janine Cate said...

I hope you took pictures.