Monday, April 9, 2012

The Budding Photographer

We have a new photographer in our house- Miri. As I was doing the last post, I saw over 50 pictures of Ellie that have no purpose and look a lot alike. And then I saw some that were upside down! So here are a few pictures Miri took in the last couple days.

I wonder how Miri got the picture upside down. I guess the camera was upside down!

Aren't they cute??


An Easter with Ellie

Hmm... How odd. All the pictures of Easter are of Ellie! I have a feeling that those are the ones you really want to see though, so here are a few.

Isn't she so cute? Hope you enjoyed these photos!


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A couple pictures

Jeffrey tried to stay awake...didn't work.

A woman on a mission...Ellie isn't crawling yet, just doing the up in the crawl position, flop forward, repeat...but it won't be long.

For mom--her beautiful dogwood tree is blooming while she's in Europe. So I took a couple of pictures so she could enjoy it from a distance. I don't feel too sorry for her. :)