Sunday, January 4, 2009

Catching up ...

Couple of quick thoughts:

Christmas went really well. Kids were really excited to get gifts for each other, tried really hard to find something that their siblings would enjoy. Christmas morning each child was asking their siblings open the gift from them next, they were so eager to see the reaction from their siblings at opening the gift from them. Good kids.

Sarah's brother, Bryce, came home for Christmas from BYU, was fun to see him. Granted his body did the "can't get sick, can't get sick" during finals and promptly was knocked out when he got home. Got better right in time to go back to BYU.

Bryce's "friend" Meg came out, spent a couple days in Virginia. Seems like the two of them are trying to sort out if there will be something more than "friends" later. The kids like Meg, so a point in her favor. We'll have to see what they decide.

New Years was a fairly quiet event, kids got to stay up later than usual, not to midnight, but some treats and games made it a fun evening.

The Smiths, friends who moved from Lynchburg a couple years ago, were back in town for the weekend. We met up with them at the park, played with them and several other families who came to see the Smiths. We ended up inviting them to crash at our place for the night, and the kids had a good time playing together before it was time to head off to Church.

Church is now at 11 AM, and so far I'm not enthusiastic. With 1 PM Church, Sunday mornings Sarah and I take turns getting some much needed sleep. And for the kids, it is right in the middle of lunch time and nap time for Miriam. I'm sure we'll get used to it over time.

Well, life is good!


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Derek Cate said...

Bryce and Meg are now married!!! Yeah Uncle Bryce, and Yeah Aunt Meg!