Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New evidence of our insanity ...

... we got gerbils.

They're pretty cute. They evidently have no concept of personal space. I enjoyed the "don't mind me, I'm just going to use you as a body pillow." They love the wheel, and if they get going fast enough, when they trip the wheel can carry them for a full revolution. It almost seems to happen too often to be an accident, though I believe it is.

So far the leading names are "Raisin" for the black one Rachel is holding and "Butterscotch" for the brown one Becca is holding. Butterscotch seems to be the more active one, always moving, while Raisin is more content to just be held and cuddled. Interestingly, Raisin is the one who wants out more and is first out the door when it is opened. Also, she chews on the bars of the cage just after she is returned to the cage.

Fun stuff.


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Katie said...

Yup...definitely insane. My kids are going to go wild when I show them the new 'friends' at their cousins' house!