Tuesday, January 13, 2009

News ...

Boy, I'm not doing well in keeping up to date. Let's see ...

Laura had her first gymnastics lesson this week. She's been desperately asking since the Olympics to do some gymnastics, so that was one of her Christmas presents, 12 lessons or so. I'm afraid we've created a monster.

Jeff has gotten to be pretty mobile. He is doing a full crawl, but seems to think that crawling is so you can get over to something which you can pull yourself up on. Unfortunately, he's not as stable standing as crawling so he's fallen a couple times and has a bruise (or two, or three: added by Becca) on his forehead. Poor kid.

Becca and Rachel have been telling us all the details of various Warrior Cat stories. We know more than we ever planned on. Glad the kids enjoy reading. The kids have been going through a comic book phase, so Santa brought some and we got some more from the Library, so kids are often found sitting somewhere and giggling.

We had Brian's birthday party last night, had a good time. For Christmas he got a Nerf suction cup dart gun, but had lost some of the darts, so we got him a bag of 30 darts. He should be set for a while. We had fun for a while last night with me trying to shoot darts on a moving ceiling fan. Today he shot all his darts at the back door, was laughing the whole while. Cute kid.

Brian and his train cake

Cute kid

The fan with darts

Jeff likes ice cream

Jeff doing his standing

Miriam did the new puzzle

I can't figure out why there's a big gap, but oh well. I hope people are doing well!


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Katie said...

Doh! I totally forgot to call Brian for his birthday! What a bad Aunt. I'll blame it on this yucky head cold that has me doing as little as possible these days. Happy Belated Birthday Brian!