Monday, April 27, 2009

Silly Children

Two funny things to share before I forget:

Yesterday Miriam was in a cute skirt and blouse and I said to her, "You're adorable!" Her response? "I'm not a Gerbil, I'm a Miri!"

Today, Sarah comes downstairs, "Miriam says she has a bee in her nose, could you help her?" Miriam, enunciating a bit better this time says she has a bead in her nose. Sometimes you can push on the side of the nose and get the object out, but it was too far in. Uh oh. So I cover the other nostril and say, "Ok Miriam, blow your nose hard!" On the second blow this blue bead comes shooting out her nose, bouncing off the floor and landing in a nearby shoe. So what does Brian do? He picks up a different bead and starts to put it in his nose.

What are they thinking? And what do people without kids do for laughs?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lots and lots of eggs

We ended up coloring a LOT of eggs today, about 40. That wasn't the original plan, but when we grabbed the wrong container of eggs from the fridge, 18 raw eggs got dyed before we realized our error.

Anyone know how to tell raw eggs from hard boiled, particularly after they've been dyed?

Monday, April 6, 2009

The World through Miriam's eyes

I just wanted to share a funny thing Miriam said yesterday. To preface this, she's been listening to the Book of Mormon stories as she goes down for her nap and for bed. When we were watching conference, I pointed out President Monson to Miriam and said, "That's the prophet." Her response? "But he's not tied up!" I had to laugh at her association of prophet and tied up...but it makes a certain amount of sense when you think of Abinadi, Ammon, Alma and Amulek, Nephi, etc. :) President Monson better watch out... Anyway, I hope you enjoyed conference as much as we did!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ironic is it?

When our computer mouse was slow, we automatically think our computer is slowing down. We reboot is and ironic is it, we find out it was only our dying mouse.

I have to go because dad is at a space conference and mom needs my help.

-Cousin Becca, daughter, niece, whatever

Let me just add that I spent 8 hours trying to rebuild my computer before discovering this. The problem was that the Windows XP install CD was made before SATA hard drives were around, so it could not find the hard drive!!! One of the things I love about Linux is you download a new CD whenever you want and the new CD knows everything up to date. Microsoft is so guarded, you can't say, "Hey, can I download a new XP CD that is up to date?" They'd practically call the police. So after finally getting things reinstalled and discovering the mouse STILL wasn't behaving, I had to realize the problem was the mouse. Oh well, the computer is faster now.