Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Family is here!

Lately, family has been here in VA with us. The Malletts (link to their blog under friends and family) came down since Grandpa Bristow had problems with the pacemaker (?) in his heart, and had to be at the hospital. So they came down. In about 10 minutes, we will be driving to the Lynchburg Airport to pick up Uncle Bryce and Aunt Meg. Wait, scratch the 10, instead, put a 1, so I have to go!


Sunday, June 6, 2010

School's out!

School is out, and I start to pity my parents. No more days of peace and quiet left, but then again, I get to spend more time with them.

So far, we have a busy schedule-
Cousins on the Bristow side coming July 17ish
Girls Camp for me on the last week of July
Leaving for California the beginning of August
Family Reunion for Cate side 2nd week of August
Come home from Cali

Then school on the 20th I think. It's ridiculous how much we're going to have happen this summer, as well as Mom wanting to do some work on the house itself. Here are things we want to accomplish-

Paint the Main Level
Do yard work

that's all I know of, but there is probably more to this list then I know of...

Seems like we're in for a busy summer!


Summertime is great! Yes, it is busy, but before we get to do the extended family thing, we are enjoying having time for the more important things in life, like taking walks together, making friendship bracelets, homemade ice cream and umbrella houses (during the storm, no less), and reading lots and lots. Gotta love it!