Sunday, April 25, 2010

A few pictures

Rachel sitting in the backyard.

The girls had fun taking pictures of everyone down in the woods behind Grandma and Grandpa Bristow's house. Just FYI, Grandpa Bristow is doing much better and started cardiac rehab this week.

Jeffrey on a Sunday afternoon ride around the race track.

Laura sitting on their little bridge over a little creek that is higher now than later in the summer.

Brian with his dimples.

Miriam (second attempt). I love her smile--she doesn't hold any emotion back! I had to laugh last week when we were watching one of her little friends, her friend got angry and did the same growl that Miriam does sometimes when she's mad. And another kid in church her age did the same thing today, during church. lol!

After tasting the ritual passover foods, we had a "feast" on the floor of simple foods that Jesus might have eaten--pita and hummus, carrots, and of course, olives. You can guess which was Miriam's favorite. For a 4 year old, (or a 2 or 6...) it doesn't get much better than enough olives for all your fingers. :)

It would have been a candlelight dinner, which the kids love, except that with daylight savings, it's too light unless we eat at 8pm.