Friday, November 28, 2008

Family Update

Our family is doing well, Miri is getting potty trained, Jeffrey moving everywhere (I mean it), and Brian puttsin' along, we're all doing okay.

Jeffrey is now 6 months old and rolling and scooting everywhere. It's all another reason to clean up. :( Oh well.

Miri is 2 and being potty trained, and it's quite an experience! She had 4 or 5 accidents 1 or 2 days ago; Dad's getting quite good at cleaning messes up. Miri is talking and messing up a storm enough that some of us sometimes refer to her as Walking Talking Tornado. At times it seems that she only has one volume- loud.

Brian is 4 and is going to preschool and loves it. At dinner we have goods and bads, and his are almost always - "Good: I got to go to school today" or " Good: I get to go to school tomorrow. " "Bad: I don't have school tomorrow" or " Bad: I didn't get to go to school today."

Laura is 7 and says "I don't want to go to school today" and after school says " I had a good day!" She is very good with Miri, which makes it easier for Mom and Dad.

Rachel is 9 years old and is obsessed with Nintendogs and loves her dogs. At school her favorite subject is math, social studies, or science.

I am 10 years old and I love to read. Right now I am reading the Warrior series. It is about a couple groups of cats. I don't have a favorite subject at school because I like all of them.

Mom is forever doing work, but finds time for everything else. She is totally amazing! How she finds time for her stuff is a mystery.

Dad works from home and is almost forever busy. It is a big help to have him around to help Mom. He is amazing!

So, all in all we are doing well.

- Becca


At the continued insistence of my eldest daughter, Becca, we now have a family blog. We'll have to see how diligent we are about updating it. In a family with 6 kids there is often something to report but it also means there is often no time to report it in. Well, I think I'll post this and then let Becca do her own post. Life is good!