Sunday, March 29, 2009

Overdue update

We haven't done a blog post in a bit, thought we should put something up. I enlisted Becca and Rachel's help, and Rachel's contribution was:

"Hi. Bye."

She then expounded that this (the blog) wasn't interesting, and that the gerbils WERE interesting. We tried putting the gerbils in the girls' room, but it didn't work out. They may not officially be nocturnal, but evidently the gerbils' bedtime is later than the girls' bedtime. So now their home is here in the office. :-)

As soon as the gerbils moved to the office, Becca complained that this was unfortunate because then they couldn't get to the gerbils unless their homework was done. Poor girls. (Rachel says to add a frowny :-( )

We had a ward party on Friday where the kids cleaned up on the door prizes. Becca put all of our names in the jar for the drawings and she, Rachel, and Laura all got a prize. Becca's scarf is modeled below by Butterscotch (while eating a sunflower seed, which Becca wants me to be sure and mention).

Rachel got a snuggie (a blanket with arms) and both Rachel and Laura got book reading lights, which means bedtime may get even more challenging for mom and dad. Sarah's mom keeps laughing about there being justice in this world.

In any case, we need to wrap this up because it is about time for family dinner so ...

Love to all!
-Derek, Becca, and Rachel

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