Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Well, it has been a fun week. We had snow days on Monday and Tuesday and celebrated Miriam's birthday. Miriam is 3 years old. She is happy to be 3. We had crazy weather, from a record low for March 4th (7 degrees) to a record high for March 7th (76 degrees) for a 70 degree swing in like 80 hours. I was just reading comics on the laptop (Becca and Rachel wanted to do a Powerpoint of some pictures of Jeff so they kicked me off of the desktop), when I looked up and I saw that I was surrounded:

And as soon as they found out that the laptop had a camera it was all crazy:

It seems like you show kids a camera and suddenly they are all hams.

Well, time to start thinking about dinner and all that. I'll work on pictures of snow days and such later when I have access to my desktop. Love ya!


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Henry Cate said...

It is funny. Ellen was asking me just yesterday if the temperature in a day could go from 90 to 30.

Good pictures.