Monday, November 16, 2009

When will everyone be better?

We have been entertaining for the past 5-6 weeks at least one bug that has I think and I hope finally made the rounds. There was the fever, sore throat, coughing...we figure it was probably the swine flu, but it has taken its own sweet time and Derek is the last one with it. It has been interesting how it has affected everyone differently. Becca and Brian would have missed school except for a four day weekend, Rachel, Laura, and Jeffrey seemed to have just a cough (no fever), and I mostly avoided it (had a couple of days a week apart where I felt icky). It hit Miriam hard--she ended up with pneumonia and my blessing to just lay on the couch watching movies all day until we could get her breathing better and her energy up. But she is back to her spunky self. (Last night Derek told me this about Miriam...he was going to tickle her and she waggled her bottom (sort of sticking it out) left and right saying, "My bum says no." Who knows where that comes from...) Derek's now been down for more than a week, though he still works--he can be uncomfortable in bed, or sitting at the computer, and at least he is distracted a little when he's working. I hope he gets better soon! Hopefully we have had our sicknesses for the winter!!


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Janine Cate said...

I know how you feel. At least one person in our household is sick at all times. We've been through the flu and now a cold as each person takes their turn at a different time. It would be so much easier if they would at least all get sick at the same time. ; )