Monday, November 16, 2009

Halloween pictures

Brian was a ghost whose eyeholes kept drifting as he went trick or treating. By this time, he was tired of them and so he'd ditched the costume.

Miriam was a bunny, with the costume coming from another family in the ward whose kids had outgrown the costume.

Becca decided to be a witch--maybe it was reading all those Harry Potter books. All we had to find was a bigger witch hat. Yeah for the costume box!

Jeffrey is such a cute little elephant. He loved the candy, especially lollipops and it was the first Halloween where he kind of got what was going on. :)

Rachel and Laura wanted to be black cats, as identical as possible. Don't they look great?

Our traditional family snapshot at Grandma and Grandpa Bristow's house when we trick or treat there for one last treat (after we've gone around the neighborhood here).

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