Monday, April 27, 2009

Silly Children

Two funny things to share before I forget:

Yesterday Miriam was in a cute skirt and blouse and I said to her, "You're adorable!" Her response? "I'm not a Gerbil, I'm a Miri!"

Today, Sarah comes downstairs, "Miriam says she has a bee in her nose, could you help her?" Miriam, enunciating a bit better this time says she has a bead in her nose. Sometimes you can push on the side of the nose and get the object out, but it was too far in. Uh oh. So I cover the other nostril and say, "Ok Miriam, blow your nose hard!" On the second blow this blue bead comes shooting out her nose, bouncing off the floor and landing in a nearby shoe. So what does Brian do? He picks up a different bead and starts to put it in his nose.

What are they thinking? And what do people without kids do for laughs?

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