Sunday, November 20, 2011

Another Ellie update!

This is another update on Ellie, and yes, it includes pictures!

Ellie is a good baby. She has slept through the night, and wakes up about 6 or 7 to eat, and goes to bed about 11 or 12. So 6 to 8 hours of sleep isn't bad. I end up going in and getting Ellie many mornings when Mom isn't fully awake and I'm getting ready for school.

Ellie is getting so big. She is over 10 lbs., maybe over 11. I don't know. She isn't as small as she was.

Ellie is also getting strong. She sleeps on her tummy, so her neck and upper body strength is amazing. She is starting to try to army crawl, but can't find a support for her feet to push off of, so she can only army crawl when one of us gives her our hand to use. She loves to move and is fun to play with. She is also able to hold herself up when I grab her hands and pull her onto her feet. She loves to stand, and I help her walk by holding her up. She has been having fun moving her legs and walking. Evidently it's a reflex to move your legs like that when walking. She's sure enjoying that reflex then. She likes walking on carpet more since she can get a sure footing. But she enjoys walking anywhere. She is so cute.

Finally, we (Laura and I) had a photo shoot of Ellie, and it was using one of the stools so she could sit up and we took the pictures in front of a plain brown wall so it looked like on of the backgrounds of a photo shoot. The lighting wasn't great, but it was fun. She was very cooperative. See for yourself:

More, random pictures of Ellie:

Is my tongue ready to come out? Yep!
Ellie and her tongue!!!

Happy girl!!!

Ellie ended up being a ducky/chicky. It was too cold to be a fairy.
Ellie the fairy

Isn't Ellie just adorable? I think she is. And she loves that little tongue which is so cute. We love Ellie so much!!!



Derek Cate said...

Glad you're updating the blog for us!

Becca Cate said...

You're welcome Daddy!!

Carrie said...

What cute pictures! Becca, you're a much more diligent blogger than I am. Want to write mine, too? ;)

Derek Cate said...

Carrie, where do you guys live now? Maybe you could visit if you lived in VA, like I seem to remember you do.

Derek Cate said...

Whoops. That last one was Becca. And so was this one.