Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Eleanor Melanie Cate

Mom with Ellie

Dad and Ellie- that shirt was her first blanket- Dad's "I Love You Dad" shirt
Rachel and Ellie

Laura and Ellie

Grandma and Ellie and Miri

I just had to post a few pictures, but she was born at 12:58 in the morning on September 9, 2011. She weighed 7 lbs, 9 oz. She was 20" long. And she's adorable.



Becca Cate said...

I'll post more pictures once it loads... if...

Katie {choc0holic} said...

I didn't know her middle name was Melanie! You're absolutely right...she is adorable! Keep taking (and posting) pictures!!!

Becca Cate said...

Yep- I hope Aunt Amanda's told Melanie that Ellie's middle name is Melanie. But her middle name came from my Grandpa Cate's sister- she died of cancer in her 20s, and didn't have kids, so they chose that for her middle name. Dad's middle name is the same concept- single relation named William who didn't have kids before he died, so they chose that for his middle name. But I really wish I could hold Ellie right now. Looking at these pictures is really making me want to hold her.