Wednesday, August 10, 2011

King's Domion

We took our annual trip to King's Dominion yesterday. Fun was had by all and we were grateful that no one got lost and it didn't storm on us. Becca, Rachel, Laura, and Derek started out the morning with the huge roller coasters. Unfortunately, Laura got too hot and threw up after one of them and took it easy the rest of the day. My mom and I had fun with Brian, Miriam, and Jeffrey, going on more tame roller coasters, playing in a splash house, and trying to keep cool! It was so humid in the morning that just waiting in the shade for them to go on the rides (there are like 5 rides in the park that a pregnant woman can go on...) I was dripping. I was glad when the water park portion opened at noon. After sitting in the air conditioned car for lunch, we headed to a water ride then to the water park, Laura joining the younger kids at the splash playground and then on the ferris wheel and the carousel. Miriam and Brian were disappointed they couldn't go on all the rides, but there's enough to do that they had a good time anyway. Becca, Rachel, and Laura had read the Book of Mormon, Brian read the BofM stories, and Miriam and Jeffrey listened to stories to qualify for the trip. The kids watched part of a movie on the way home and then we turned on the Book of the Mormon stories as a fitting end to the day and most of the kids slept at one point or another on the ride home. We all had a great time and were completely tired out by the end of the day. I do look forward to doing it again, not pregnant. :) I'd attach pictures, but we didn't take many...we were having too much fun!



Becca Cate said...

And it'll be probably less than a month til Ellie's born!!!!!!!!

Madelyn Cate said...

Wow, that's so exciting!