Thursday, December 16, 2010

We are actually getting snow!

This is our second snow this year, and it is coming down hard. We probably have about an inch on the ground right now. It's nuts, since we were supposed to get snow 11-7 last night, but didn't get any, but now it has been snowing 7-now. And it is 10:45. I went out early, but came back in, but Laura, Brian, Miri, Jeff, and Dad are out there. I'll try to get pictures later.


Katie {choc0holic} said...

Sheesh!!! Share some with us, would you?!?!? Just kidding. I just need enough snow to cover up the grass so it at least 'looks' like Christmas around here!

Henry Cate said...

That is cool. You California cousins would love to share the snow with you.

Becca Cate said...

We actually were lucky this time. We got off the first day since it was positively going to snow, then the second because it was not fully plowed. We got plowed the day after the snow. They plowed the big hill, left, then came back thirty minutes later and did our culdesac. We (me,Jeff,and Brian) watched it both times, but I got Miri out of bed to see them do our street. They plowed Friday, so we got an extra two days off of school. Totally awesome!

Though Aunt Meg was looking at us crazy when we were happy about being plowed the second day of the snow. Guess that doesn't happen in Utah, does it?