Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer update

Wow! Since we last posted, we have had 14 extra people come to Virginia, a couple of families move (or get ready to move) out of our ward at church, and have MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Yes, I am now 12.

So, I said we have 14 extra people come to Virginia. We have the Wilkins ( you can see a link to their blog under FRIENDS AND FAMILY on the side of the posts) here from Utah. So they are staying at Grandma and Grandpa Bristow's house. Even as I type this, my siblings are playing with Abby and Emma and Ben and Lizzie. They are also playing with Anna, Melanie, and Jonathon, which brings me to the next visiting family. The Malletts are staying with us. They have Anna, Melanie, Jonathon, and Ryan, but Ryan is taking a nap right now. (You can also see a link to their blog on the side of the post under FRIENDS AND FAMILY.) Then, we have Bryce and Meg. They came out here from BYU, in Utah. They'll be staying for quite a bit.
So there are our 14 visitors.

Now, it's lunchtime, so I have to go!


P.S.- the Moms are going out to lunch. That's Sarah (cate), Katie (wilkins), Amanda (mallett), Meg (bristow) (I think), and Grandma Bristow! Lucky ducks!!!!!

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Henry Cate said...

Thanks for the update.

It sounds like you guys are having a great time.