Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sarah's take on the snow

Isn't it fun to be forced to step out of the normal life for a day or two? What with all this snow (14+ inches in a state used to only 3-6" most of the time) the only place I'm willing to drive to is the hospital. So we have to read stories, make snow candy (lollipop stuff that we drizzle over a cookie sheet of snow), watch movies, play out in the snow, and try to keep the kids from driving each other nuts! What a rough life! I am glad we still have power and gas logs for a quick warm up.

Jeffrey didn't take to the snow much--cold, as high as his hips, and when he tips over (with or without Miriam's help) he ends up face first and unable to get up because he's so bundled up.

And we're taking down the Noah's Ark border in Jeffrey's room, to get it ready to paint and then Brian will move in there with him and Laura will move in with Miriam, leaving Becca and Rachel in the other room. Sounds like a fun Christmas break project, right? The kids are excited and ready to help so that I can paint and we can play musical rooms.

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